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Quba is filling the gap between the functional and luxury architecture in India. Quba  builds premium products for home and office that are highly functional & sophisticated at the same time. Quba owns luxury brands that deal in the design and distribution of premium architecture hardware & security solution, kitchen & furniture hardware fittings, architectural glass hardware fittings, bathroom fittings, and other interior categories. The purpose of Quba’s establishment is to offer exquisite design-oriented quality products to elated clients, as Quba itself stands for Quality, Uniqueness, Brilliance, and Aesthetics. Quba’s PAN India reaches 10000+ Dealers, and the scale of product offerings and multichannel distribution are unique among premium architecture companies in India.

Quality Centric

We believe that the genuine value of any architecture rests in its ability to stand out as original & distinctive.Through its architectural hardware, Quba adds uniqueness to your space

Trusted Partner

Customer satisfaction, quality service, premium products, integrity, and professionalism are of the utmost importance to Quba , thus boosting customer retention


Open doors to new possibilities with our Digital Access Solutions, which feature our hi-tech and innovation-driven locks and safes, which enable you to take complete control of your home's safety and security. Our smart solutions provide unrivalled durability backed by experts and experience, which offer superior service and products for your loved ones.

"The service offered by the Quba Group and the process follow-up are very prompt and effective. Really satisfied with the product and the service."

Jayprakash Maurya

"My residence has a lock installed by Quba Group. The technician was scheduled within six hours to install the lock on a priority basis since it was an urgent need. Quick and professional assistance from the Quba Group is truly commendable."

Bhushan Melwani

"Since there were two door closers that weren't functioning properly, I filed a complaint today. I would want to express my gratitude to the staff for quickly resolving the problem within 24hours. The technician performed his tasks effectively."

Stuti Jain

"The assistance provided by the Quba Group is very good; they dealt with my difficulty swiftly. Additionally, they had a very corporate and helpful approach."

Gaurav Rana

"I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Quba Group for the superb service. Highly praised and commended work. Would without a doubt recommend Quba Group products to others. Excellent service"

Sunil Garg

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